Why am I not receiving my OTP or SMS notifications?

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Updated at October 9th, 2023

Here are some possible reasons you are not receiving OTP or SMS notifications:

1.    Your current mobile number may not be updated with us. If you recently changed your mobile number, update it with us by filing a request via our Customer Information Update (CIU) webform here.
2.    You could be encountering occasional intermittent signal reception or a temporary device restriction. Please try these steps you can take to troubleshoot your concern:

  • Reboot your phone to refresh your network connection (usually in bars) and ensure good mobile signal strength before requesting an OTP again. Often, we mistake a good internet connection via Wi-Fi with having a good network signal. 
  • Enable your roaming service if you are out of the country to receive the OTP. Roaming charges and 2G coverage restrictions may vary per carrier. 
  • Clear your SMS inbox to allow new messages to come in. 
  • Reconfigure any phone applications or settings that filter SMS. This may be present in some smartphones running on Android OS. 
  • Test your SIM on another mobile device to verify if the OTP delivery issue is related to your current phone. 

If none of the above applies to you, please report the issue through our Help Form.

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