How Will I Be Notified of My Successful Salad Application/Enrollment?

Written By Security Bank ()

Updated at September 8th, 2020

An official SMS alert will be sent to your mobile number for the following:

  • If the enrolment is approved:
    “Good news! You are now enrolled in Security Bank’s Salary Advance Program. Avail up to [Credit Limit] for at most 3 months. This amount is valid until [End of Month]. Just text SBCSALAD [space] AMOUNT [space] # OF DEDUCTIONS to 2346.
    Example: SBCSALAD 10000 6”
  • If the enrolment is not approved, customer will NOT receive an SMS notification and may call the Customer Service Hotline at 8887-9188 instead.
  • If the enrolment is approved but not yet qualified to avail of the facility:
    “Your account has been enrolled in Salary Advance. However, you have not yet met the minimum parameters of the product. Please wait for a few months until you are qualified to avail. You will receive an SMS notification when you have met this requirement”

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