Do You Charge Fees for Checking and Savings Account?

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Updated at September 3rd, 2020

Know more about our fees and charges for bank accounts below:

Notarial Fee (notarization of affidavit of loss) for Lost Passbook PHP200
Replacement of Lost Passbook or Trackbook/Recordbook (for Peso Checking Account) PHP200
Bank Certification

PHP200 (including Bank Certification for British Embassy)

Statement of Account (SOA)

PHP100 per page (for Easy Account)

PHP50 per page (for all other savings account)

PHP50 per page PHP50 per page (SOA for previous year/s)
Electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) Free-of-charge
Dormancy Charges starting on the 61st month PHP30 per month PHP30 per month PHP30 per month (based on prevailing exchange rate)
Minimum Balance Charges to be collected only if the account falls below minimum balance for two (2) consecutive months PHP300 per month
  • For All-Access Account: Php500 per month
  • For BusinessPlus Account: Php1,000 per month after the 2nd month
  • For other checking accounts: Php300 per month
USD10 per month
Early Closure Charges (within 90 days)

PHP300 (within 30 days)

USD5 (within 30 days)

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Deposit Fee, for eSecure Savings Account only PHP100
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Withdrawal Fee PHP100 (for Easy Account) PHP30 (free-of-charge, for All-Access and All-In-One Checking Account)
Stop Payment Order (SPO) Request PHP300 per check; For more than 5 checks, maximum amount of PHP1,500 per SPO request
Cost of Checkbook
  • For All-Access, BusinessPlus, Regular Checking and All-In-One Checking Accounts: PHP250 (Personal); PHP500 (Commercial); PHP750 (with voucher)
  • For CheckPower: PHP250 (Personal); PHP500 (Commercial)
  • For CheckRight: PHP750 (with voucher); PHP500 (without voucher)
  • For CheckOne: PHP250 (Personal); PHP500 (Commercial)
Cost of Debit MasterCard Replacement PHP300 (for Easy Account)

PHP150 (for all other savings account)

Cost of PIN Mailer Replacement P100 PHP100
Any Debit Card PIN-related request via branch (i.e. PIN reset or PIN replacement) PHP100 (for Easy Account)
RCOCI Charges PHP1,000 per check + PHP200 per day for every PHP40,000 amount of check or a fraction thereof
Presenting Bank’s Charges on Returned Checks PHP1,000 per check
Lifting of the 3 days hold on dollar notes deposit (For Cash Withdrawal) None

US Dollar Notes, deposits exceeding USD5,000 made by Individual or Business client during the day

(except for Money Services Business [MSB]/Foreign Exchange Dealers and individual accounts of MSB/Foreign Exchange Dealer proprietor/owner)

0.10% of amount in excess of USD5,000 regardless of region

Note: ALL AMOUNT of foreign currency cash deposits from individual, sole proprietorship and corporation of MSBs shall be charged 0.10% service charge without application of the threshold amount. To illustrate:

3rd Currency Check Deposit
  • Correspondent Bank Charges: To be determined based on currency
  • Courier Charges: To be determined based on currency
  • Collection Fee: USD6 per check, to be collected upon clearance of check
Foreign currency checks received over-the-counter
  • Collection Items:
USD2.50 per check USD25.00 to USD50.00
USD5.00 per check Over USD50.00

Note: Not applicable for SB MasterCard Dollar billings.

  • Plus Fx Bills Purchased interest for FXBP
  • Plus DST of 0.60 for every Php 200.00, for dollar checks for deposit to peso account. A note representing the payment of the DST should be stamped on FX Manifold.

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