What controls can I use for my credit card?

Written By Gerard (Collaborator)

Updated at October 5th, 2023

Card Control is a feature available only in the Security Bank Online (SB Online) that allows you to manage your credit card security and spending conveniently with the “Card Lock/Unlock” and “Daily Budget Alert” settings. 

Card Lock/Unlock offers an extra layer of security by letting you control when you can use your credit card. To enable this security feature, please follow these steps: 

1.    Log in to your SB Online account.  
2.    Go to the “Cards” tab.  
3.    Select a Credit Card account.  
4.    Select “Card Settings”  
5.    Under Lock/Unlock Credit Card, toggle on the Lock feature.  
6.    A prompt will appear on the app, informing the user that s/he is about to turn on the Credit Card Lock feature.  
7.    Select “Continue” to activate the Lock feature. 

Daily Budget Alert helps you stay on top of your credit card spending by sending you an SMS or email notification whenever a transaction exceeds your set budget. It's important to note that this setting won't decline any transactions but is a great way to help you keep track and avoid overspending. To set your preferred budget, please follow these steps: 

1.    Log in to your SB Online account. 
2.    Go to the “Cards” tab. 
3.    Select a Credit Card account. 
4.    Click “Card Settings” 
5.    Under “Daily Budget”, toggle on the “Set Budget Alert.” 
6.    Input your preferred amount or budget and click continue. 
7.    Once done, a Daily Budget Alert has been set. 



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