How much is the minimum payment required?

Written By Gerard (Collaborator)

Updated at September 27th, 2023

The minimum amount due is PHP500 (USD10) or 3% of total outstanding balance, whichever is higher.

Effective May 2, 2023, the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) for your credit card will be computed as follows:

The sum of the following items below or PHP500 (USD10), whichever is higher:

  1. Interest for Installment Transactions
  2. Transaction Fee (e.g., Cash Advance Fee, SimplyPay Fee, Quasi-cash fee)
  3. Service Fee (e.g., Overlimit Fee, Account Maintenance Fee, ADA Fee)
  4. Interest charge
  5. Late Payment Fee
  6. Total Amount Due less items 1-5, multiplied by the Minimum Pay Percentage of 3%

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